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PageTiger Walks With The Wounded


Walking With The Wounded, the charity that helps rehabilitating servicemen and women back into employment on ‘civvy street’ had a variety of reasons to take their printed newsletter online.

Walking With The Wounded, founded by Ed Parker and Simon Daglish is a highly active charity curating numerous fundraising activities and high-profile events. None more so than WWTW’s patron Prince Harry’s participation in the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge at the back end of last year. Lord knows what rock you were hiding under if you missed the avalanche of publicity that received!

The brief
After a few issues of a printed newsletter, they contacted PageTiger to discuss how an online interactive newsletter would help them achieve a number of objectives. Firstly to create a more cost-effective mechanism in order to divert only the minimum funds away from direct help for wounded servicemen. Secondly to increase participation and engagement with WWTW events and thirdly, the holy grail of any charity, to maximise donations, sponsorship and awareness.

A PageTiger publication would tick all these boxes, while saving them money. Their brief was simple, taking their printed publication as a starting point for branding and tone, create an all singing, all dancing adaptation which would maximise engagement, and be easily distributed online.

PageTiger’s interactive functionality was the critical focus of the brief. On this occasion the client was happy to rely on PageTiger Creative Services’ team’s expertise to suggest and implement relevant interactivity throughout the publication. Without blurring or distracting from the news stories, case histories and feature content.

The build
The initial indesign layouts were completed within two days, incorporating a host of buttons and CTA (call to action) visuals, screen slots for video clips. Donation buttons and further information pop-ups. The dimensions of the publication were altered to be more cinemascope screen, tablet and mobile friendly, and larger text was truncated to create a more dramatic visual impact to the pages. Did text have to be cut? Not at all – ‘read more’ buttons were created for prompt pop-up boxes to read the rest of the article. Once the ‘flat-design’ was completed, it went back to WWTW for amend and approval before the full interactivity was implemented.

Especially for a first time client this is the stage of the production process when the clouds part, the veil is lifted and the full publication comes to life.

The cover was given clickable cover lines taking the reader to key feature pages, interactive donate buttons were placed on various pages and videos from Prince Harry’s trip, The Cumbrian Challenge and The Trois Etapes event were embedded. Various fundraising sign-ups were placed on page, social media share options were created and, as mentioned, on-page text was kept to a minimum.

WWTW are enormously grateful to their sponsors and a pop up ‘thank you’ ran from the back page, naming all supporters in a specially designed click through. Finally, a custom built logo was created and added to the toolbar and, as a final touch, this was made to link to the WWTW website.

And the rest, as they say, is (publishing) history. WWTW wanted the newsletter to live on a custom URL rather than on PageTiger – no problem. The story does not stop there though – WWTW can now track their publication’s performance via PageTiger’s in built reporting system providing metrics on all the publication’s interactive features.

Check out the full publication in all its glory

And what about SEO? Once again no problem, PageTiger automatically creates and populates for SEO without the client having to action this separately. WWTW are far too busy climbing mountains, reaching poles and running a huge raft of fundraising events so PageTiger saved WWTW personnel from having those efforts temporarily diverted. Great client to work with by the way!

So what have we learnt from this?
Quite simply, that a vibrant, targeted, on-brand, interactive publication can come together in a remarkably quick timeframe. It need not cost a fortune and both agency (that’s us) and the client working together can create a dynamic newsletter that takes on a third dimension to an offline publication.