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Interactive Staff Comms

Are you a cottage industry, in a cottage, a collective of remotely working teams, a big business in a big building or a multinational with offices across the globe?

Doesn’t matter. One thing is universally true, effective company communications are a primary driver of staff engagement, two-way internal dialogue, motivation and the holy grail of productivity. Effective communication is critical to well functioning organisations and yet it is staggering how often even major organisations fall short and create the perfect recipe for staff disengagement. Unless you subscribe to the Malcolm Tucker school of management, read on.

The positivity meter
The ‘positivity meter’ reading for your staff is measured in direct proportion to the amount of information they are told and the feedback they receive. Two-way communication involves management talking to employees, and crucially listening to responses.

To crib a sports analogy, running a business is a sport where you don’t get your clothes dirty. You still have a playing field, you still have opposition, you still have team mates…and you still need a motivational huddle. Except your business probably isn’t 11 players and a coach, and you can’t all gather round and hold hands when management, teams and the ‘shopfloor’ are distributed on different floors, different buildings, different cities and different continents.

Interactive Newsletters
Successful interactive newsletters are an online huddle. They promote a two-way dialogue and allow upper management to communicate their messages throughout the organisation. And then crucially, encourage feedback. When employees are actively involved with their newsletter, analytics prove they are more likely to read it. So why not create a mechanism for them to submit an article? And along the way you can balance business news, company updates and organisational changes with entertaining, fun and social content.

Think about the busy reader
Articles should be presented as concise summaries or teasers which allow staff to navigate to more content within the publication, the company website or the intranet. Feedback mechanisms such as polls and surveys should be uncomplicated and user-friendly. After all you don’t want your teams spending half a morning working out how to tell you they’d like a watercooler.

What should be in it?
o            Message from the CEO and leadership teams.
o            Organisational changes
o            Personnel updates
o            Company news
o            Industry updates
o            Competitor updates
o            Staff satisfaction surveys
o            Achievements & employee recognition
o            Forthcoming events

… and for some fun social stuff
o            Competitions
o            Quizzes
o            Reviews
o            Recipes
o            Staff social events
o            Day in the life
o            Style bloopers
o            Selfies and videos

Working with ‘Auntie’
So from ‘worst Christmas jumper’ fun to a message from the big boss, we need to keep connected. PageTiger has recently created interactive staff comms for the BBC and Standard Life among others.

BBC Scrapbook was a celebration of 2013, including a thank you from the directors, key highlights of the year and light-hearted interactive fun stuff. PageTiger were also asked to produce a quarterly online dissemination of a major Directors’ meeting, aimed at manager’s filtering key BBC information down to their teams. In both cases we created galleries, video presentations and other interactive elements to drive delivery of key messages.

And our new friends at Standard life wanted a super-fast turnaround Christmas publication fusing Xmas messages from offices as far afield as Hong Kong, Boston, Toronto and Frankfurt, as well as the Edinburgh homebase. Team members created smartphone vlogs which were embedded into an interactive newsletter with quizzes and silly surveys. PageTiger are now working on a more circumspect quarterly for Standard Life covering internal comms.

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