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Have You Got The Power?

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How does your presentation stand out from the crowd?
So, you’re about to give the biggest pitch of your life, the competition is tough, the room may be hostile and you need to stand out from the crowd. Does a run of the mill PowerPoint pitch cut the mustard anymore?

Traditional ‘2D’ presentations are dead
PowerPoint presentations, the most commonly used platform for pitches and reports, have lost their lustre as more impressive presentations with sound, video, and artsy graphics increasingly become the norm.

SmallBizTechology quoted a study that found that Microsoft Powerpoint is one of the most difficult and least engaging pieces of office software, with more than 30% of respondents reporting falling asleep during a PowerPoint presentation.

Respondents said they would rather do the following than sit through a PowerPoint presentation:
24% would forgo sex tonight
21% would rather do their taxes
20% would rather go to the dentist
18% would rather work on Saturday

PageTiger can help you create interactive professional-looking presentations that will rival even the largest corporation’s – and won’t send you or your audience into a coma!

Unlike many presentation platforms like Prezi, there is very little to learn before you become a master of the PageTiger platform. Instead of a steep learning curve, you will find yourself facing an easy to navigate layout, with all the necessary tools right at your fingertips. Best of all, there is no need to convert your file into a movie file, or worse – JPEGs! You can retain your PowerPoint slides, exactly as you designed them. No conversion issues, no fuss.

Making the difference
A client recently asked us to help liven up presentations for their sales team, delivering deals for their daily deals platform in a marketplace dominated by Groupon and Amazon.

The PowerPoint platform was not doing the trick with an often disengaged, easily distracted audience, so we sharpened the content, made the presentation more visually compelling and, most importantly, embedded some rousing videos between all those graphs and pie charts.

The PageTiger system can handle a variety of file formats, including PowerPoint documents. Our solution was simple – upload, update and impress.

Leave it in our hands
A visually focused, video-laced presentation meant an equally impressive file size to boot! Thankfully large, image-rich presentations can be easily uploaded, without the need to reduce the file size or start from scratch.

Not only can you give the presentation to your audience directly from the PageTiger servers, but you can also distribute copies to your audience members via e-mail – keeping everyone in the loop and providing a handy re-cap resource for late comers.

When uploading to our system, you can be safe in the knowledge that your presentation is protected against unauthorized access and what’s more, is accessible from anywhere in the world thanks to globally distributed servers. From Canada to Cologne, we have you covered.

Presentation pizzazz
We created additional slide transitions and added interactive features to liven the pages up and engage the audience. Image-led slides, combined with a healthy dose of video content, resulted in a multi-dimensional theme that was easy to understand and enjoyable to watch. In short, the presentation came alive!

Clickable links to external websites added another dimension to the slides and instead of boring the audience with walls of text, content was divided up and placed into clickable pop-up boxes. A multi-dimensional pitch not only boosted the visual element of the slides, but it also boosted audience interaction, as presenters prompted them to choose which of the clickable options they wanted to explore.

Questionnaires also played a big role in keeping the ‘presentees’ engaged (and awake!) Polls and survey modules within the presentation also gave the sales team ‘live’ feedback while still in front of their audience. Because the presentation was hosted online, members of the audience could view the presentation on their tablets and mobile devices, and, when prompted, engage with the interactive questions.

This information allowed presenters to shape and manipulate the flow of each presentation as they progressed – something that they felt was critical to ensuring the pitch’s overall success.

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