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Reaching Your Readers


Reaching more readers – getting your work out there
So you’ve got your new publication – a gorgeous layout, funky interactivity and great content. But what happens next? It’s one thing to create a top-grade document, another thing entirely to ensure it reaches and maximises your target readership.

Select an appropriate distribution platform
Consider who your target audience is, as this will help you decide which method of distribution works best. Below we will discuss some of the various options available, and how PageTiger can help make the decision easier.

Make sure you play on all platforms
Desktop, tablet, ‘phablet’ or mobile, won’t know which any given reader will use. Ensure you don’t leave anyone out with a publication whose content, video for example, plays optimally on all formats. Amazingly some big-name online publication providers fall painfully short on this. PageTiger doesn’t.

Make it shareable
With digital content, the world now expects sharing to be easy, and our system is a one-stop shop for all your ‘feed-filling’ needs. Adding user-friendly, non-obtrusive social sharing options takes promotion out of your hands and makes it easier for your audience to do the work for you. It can also help to create a snowball effect with your content, as more people are exposed to it. Include on page media share icons, and let PageTiger’s interactive modules do the rest. If you use these in tandem with our systems page-share function, your readers can quickly and easily let the world know about the content they love.
Our Tiger tip? Adding calls-to-action encourages readers to share your publication. Simple yet effective.

Use Facebook – No, Seriously
Facebook’s inevitable world dominance also means it’s a marketing channel you cannot ignore. Whether you love it or hate, Facebook is an important tool that if used correctly, can maximise referrals for your publication. More and more companies are choosing to embed their publications directly in their Facebook page – ensuring a high level of exposure, and a more professional overall appearance. A study published by Sharaholic last month suggests that Facebook drives 8.9 times as many referrals than Twitter. Therefore, it’s worth increasing the number of fans you have on Facebook and getting your existing fans more engaged with your brand, so when you share an update with a new post, they’ll be more likely to like, comment on, and share it.

Getting the team involved
Although you may think that liking and sharing your own content is, for lack of a better word, ‘sad’, if you have 200 employees, that’s 200 different networks you can tap into which would hopefully lead to further sharing.

e-mail marketing – in the distribution trenches
Email marketing ain’t easy, but our TigerMailer system can save you time and hassle. Grab featured pages, add text and make your content get noticed. There’s an art to it, and if you do it right, you’ll reap all the rewards. We read a lot of headlines about why email marketing is no longer effective. The Tiger couldn’t disagree more. Spending time making your marketing emails and newsletters relevant, fun and flawlessly edited will maximise their effectiveness. And, even if you find new contacts are on your email list for months before action is taken — that’s okay.  Well-executed marketing emails are your secret weapon for nurturing new leads in a way that’s both friendly and professional. In using email marketing to support content distribution, you’ll likely see more pageviews, sharing and engagement from day one.
Our Tiger tip? Leverage the people who already think highly of your brand in order to spread the word – chances are they are more likely to share your content than if you tried to get it placed somewhere that has no prior connection with your company.

Timing is everything The best times to post on social media is definitely a hot topic and has resulted in a lot of brilliant research. Check out this amazing infographic, courtesy of Social Caffeine:best-and-worst-times-to-post-on-social-networks