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What happened to the days when invites were nice little cards in nice little envelopes sent out by languid snail mail? The age of digital interaction, immediacy and online feedback, that’s what.

TV equipment facilities hire experts Procam, suppliers to shows such as Made In Chelsea, C4’s Derren Brown and Dynamo’s Magician Impossible, wanted to unveil the all-new, state-of-the-art Arri Amira documentary-style camera at a swanky London event. To key decision makers in the industry.

Procam had the chic venue, Vanilla London, they had the hottest new camera in town, they had the champagne and sushi on ice. Now they just needed to pull the premium guests in, with only a few days to go.

Enter the Tiger
We suggested an interactive page-turning invite, using PageTiger’s unique interactivity and bolt-on digital features. We designed a stylish, funky, on-brand invite selling both the Arri Amira and Procam’s exclusive expertise. Turned around over a weekend (the Tiger never sleeps), we created a four page digital invite packed with interactive features and upscale imagery.

Sparkling hero images of the Arri Amira camera? Check
Promotional Arri Amiria videos embedded? Check
Vanilla London images? Check
Location map? Check
Procam branding? Check
Bespoke publication background? Check

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See the Procam invite in full

By Appointment
To be honest, we do that for every publication PageTiger produces. The icing on the Procam invite cake was the embedding of an online appointment booking feature. This allowed invited guests to book their preferred session, at their preferred time, or just let Procam know they would pop by for bubbles at some point through the day.

Not only did that allow the recipients to confirm attendance and book their slot within seconds from their desktop, smartphone or tablet, Procam could check how many respondents they had via PageTiger’s live reporting platform. And as PageTiger publications work on any device or any browser, the invite worked no matter what device it played on.

The results?
They surprised even us. The invite was sent, via email, to approximately 4,000 individuals. Almost 1400 of them opened the email, with over 7000 page views and over 250 booked to attend. Over 2500 videos were viewed and the take up of over 5% exceeded the client’s initial expectations.

It goes without saying that the event was a big success, but that is down to Procam, not us. They were in charge of the waterhole, PageTiger just helped make sure people came to drink.

See the Procam invite in full

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