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Tablet-tables to transform your living room into a hi-tech-tropolis
Alliteration aside, Ideum and 3M have brought a cheer to anyone who fantasized about future-tech in super-spy daydreams, or is old enough to remember when burger joints had low-slung glass tables with built-in Space Invaders. That was arcade game meets coffee table, this is state-of-the-art tablet blown up to supersize.

A high-performance Android OS solution for large-format, multi-touch devices, Ideum’s Platform 46 Coffee Table is the first domesticated example. The table runs Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and has a bezel-free, full HD 1080p LCD display from 3M. It will be available later this summer and Ideum is promising even more Android products, like dual-boot Android and the Windows 8 system.

If a whole 46 inches sounds ludicrous for a touch-screen, you will be pleased to note that Ideum have announced 55” and 65” multi-touch tables and touch walls are now available in 4K Ultra HD versions, while the 100in Pano multi-touch table comes with dual 4K Ultra HD monitors.

Ideum CEO Jim Spadaccini said: “Developers will be excited about the ease of authoring on the popular Android platform and the amazingly fast performance on our tables. Native Android OS support expands the possibilities for our multi-touch tables giving developers new options and providing end customers new and dynamic software solutions.”

You can already purchase a Windows 8-powered coffee table from Ideum, for a princely $6950 with a range of connectivity options including ethernet, wi-fi, USB, HDMI and Bluetooth.


Attack of the killer screens!
After last years CGI-feasts Pacific Rim and Gravity, with a new Godzilla on the horizon, it seems we’re going to need, to paraphrase Chief Brody, a bigger screen. In a world that appears to be getting smaller with smart watches, Google Glass ‘screens’ – here is the other end of the spectrum. Going large!

Samsung and LG have both unveiled the world’s first 105-inch, curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) televisions, and unlocked a once cinema-exclusive resolution to the general public.

First to blink its giant eye is the LG 105UB9, a 21:9 behemoth with a resolution of 5120 x 2160, which works out at an impressive 11 million pixels! Samsung’s Curved UHD TV boasts the same 21:9 aspect ratio and 5120 x 2160 resolution. And in case you were worried about compatibility; the company claims its Quadmatic Picture Engine technology will upscale any source to UHD quality.

You can buy 4K TVs now, but they still have a price to match the resolution, with models like the LG 65LA970W or Sony KD-65X9005 offering zero change from four grand. And in case you thought 105 inches wasn’t enough, a range or exclusive LG 110 inch screens are being sold in Korea for the wallet-melting sum of $150.000 a pop.

Are You Looking at me?
But what will you watch? Given that these plasma giants are in their tech-infancy, the available programming is limited, to say the least.  For now you’ll find yourself confined to UHD rarities such as the occasional Premier League game or Sony’s (half-hearted not-really-4K-at-all) Blu-ray selection, including err… Ghostbusters, two Spider-Mans, and Taxi Driver.

Bigger is better?
As the old saying goes – bigger isn’t always better, but we are prepared to give these HD bad boys the benefit of the doubt – and seeing as we are in the digital publishing business, this redefines the concept of the ‘coffee table read’.

We can’t wait to test one of our online publications on these monsters

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